November 2017

• Congratulations to Alice, Tzu-Pin, and Allegra for publishing a paper titled “Design, Synthesis, and Self-Assembly of Polymers with Tailored Graft Distributions.” Check it out in JACS.…

October 2017

• Congratulations to Dr. Patrick Montgomery for publishing a paper titled “Synthesis and Evaluation of Sterically Demanding Ruthenium Dithiolate Catalysts for Stereoretentive Olefin Metathesis.” Check it out in Organometallics.
• Congratulations to Brendon McNicholasCarl and alumnus Dr. Carl Blumenfeld …

August 2017

• Congratulations to another new collaboration with the Houk and Liu groups titled “Origins of the Stereoretentive Mechanism of Olefin Metathesis with Ru-Dithiolate Catalysts.” Check it out in Angewandte Chemie.

• The Grubbs Group went camping in Yosemite!…

July 2017

• Congratulations to Dr. Patrick and Tonia for publishing a review titled “Stereoretentive Olefin Metathesis: An Avenue to Kinetic Selectivity.” Check it out in Angewandte Chemie.
• Congratulations to Tonia for publishing a paper titled “A Highly Efficient Synthesis …

June 2017

  • Congratulations to Dr. Crystal Chu and Dr. Carl Blumenfeld for officially graduating from Caltech!!!
  • The Grubbs group welcomed four SURF students this summer! We hope they will enjoy research in our group!

May 2017

  • Congratulations to Alice on publishing a paper titled “Manipulating the ABCs of Self-Assembly via Low-χ Block Polymer Design.” Check it out in PNAS.
  • Congratulations to Crystal Chu for successfully defending her thesis and officially becoming Dr. Crystal!
  • Congratulations to

April 2017

  • Our own postdoc, Allegra, won the “best poster award” in the Poly division at the ACS meeting! Her poster is titled “Side Chain Design in Brush Block Copolymer Photonic Crystals.”

March 2017

  • Alice was accepted to attend the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in June!
  • Congratulations to Zainab for successfully passing her candidacy exam!
  • Professor Steven Diver from University at Buffalo was a visiting scholar during the month of March.

February 2017

  • Congratulations to TP, Alice, and Allegra on publishing a paper titled “Control of Grafting Density and Distribution in Graft Polymers by Living Ring-Opening Metathesis Copolymerization.” Check it out in JACS.
  • Congratulations to Daryl and Michael for publishing a paper